A Zone Mechanical refrigerated display case at an upscale Chicago supermarket

A Zone Mechanical refrigerated case at an upscale Chicago area supermarket.


An upscale supermarket chain / Bridgeview, Illinois


To design, construct and install all the mechanicals and obtain all the necessary approvals to build a modern-day grocery store inside a customer’s newly purchased property.


Across two years, the professionals at Zone Mechanical developed their plan to design this property. All stores are different and Zone Mechanical designs to the space. Starting basically with four bare walls, the plan for all the back room equipment was laid out. Next were the food prep, kitchen and, finally, the sales areas. All this was done in tandem with the business owner and the architect.

Once this initial design was agreed upon, Zone Mechanical would work with their key equipment distributor, Hillphoenix, to incorporate all the engineering and mechanicals into the design. The plan was then turned over to the project architect, who supplies the drawings to all the involved trades – to obtain the necessary permits.

Soon after, the equipment would arrive. All would be installed by Zone Mechanical, from the walk-in coolers in back to the soft serve machines out front. With any grocery, the key component is refrigeration. It’s not the lighting. It’s not the flooring. It’s the mechanicals and electronic monitors surrounding refrigeration, which accounts for as much as 60 to 70 percent of a store’s ongoing energy needs.

Indeed, the refrigeration equipment is the core of any grocery. And having an experienced Zone Mechanical team offering quality feedback behind the store design ultimately allows the business to be more successful.


This is not your grandmother’s grocery store. What Zone Mechanical has designed is well balanced and highly functional. The end result is an energy efficient, fully monitored system – from the refrigeration cases to mechanicals in the compressor room – backed by Zone Mechanical service professionals as well as a one-year warranty.

It looks like a supermarket on the front end, but the back room looks like a restaurant … because now upscale grocers are preparing so much food.

Frank Petrosino

CEO, Zone Mechanical

A Zone Mechanical walk-in cooler at an upscale Chicago supermarket
A Zone Mechanical refrigerated produce display case