New rooftop HVAC equipment at a Chicago shopping center

New rooftop HVAC equipment at a Chicago area shopping center.


A large area shopping center / Lombard, Illinois


To reconfigure the entire HVAC system in a shopping center and food court that was undergoing an extensive renovation.


While refrigeration systems have been the centerpiece of Zone Mechanical, the installation and service of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a rapidly growing part of the business.

For this project, the HVAC system underwent a complete transformation, to meet the needs of the remodeled shopping center. The equipment was old. All the mechanicals had to be torn out. The duct work had to be replaced.

With the addition of a huge, open area food court, the old configuration would have been completely inappropriate. The electrical usage and loads were different. It was a job that required some expertise.

As the HVAC contractor on this major construction job, Zone Mechanical was able to meet all of the facility’s new requirements. In fact, the HVAC side of its business has become quite diversified.

Zone Mechanical not only offers standard rooftop unit installation – the easy stuff – but also can tackle more difficult industrial applications, like adding 12-inch chilled water piping in a school or hospital. It also will build the new data centers, computer rooms and monitoring stations that house the HVAC system controls.


As a one-off construction job, this HVAC project was completed by Zone Mechanical within six months – on time and on budget – to the overall satisfaction of the general contractor.

And with new HVAC system mechanicals throughout, the shopping center and food court bears more of a resemblance to new construction than a renovation. The project’s success should not only benefit the owners for years to come, but it will also help position Zone Mechanical as an HVAC contractor of choice as they continue to grow that segment of their business.

Refrigeration is our core, but we can compete with the best of them in HVAC and food service. These are both growing parts of our business.

Frank Petrosino

CEO, Zone Mechanical

A Zone Mechanical technician servicing rooftop HVAC equipment
Inside view of a Zone Mechanical HVAC system at a Chicago area shopping center