Boxes of food await distribution

Boxes of food on a pallet awaits distribution from a non-profit facility fully serviced by Zone Mechanical.


A non-profit food distribution and training center / Chicago


To find a single vendor who can take care of all the business’ mechanical needs, not just the food service equipment but also the HVAC, electrical and refrigeration area needs.


What started as strictly a service contract for kitchen equipment — refrigerators, combi-ovens, fryers and hoods — has quickly grown into an opportunity to take care of all of this non-profit’s mechanical system needs.

While many companies have strictly separate departments with managers who solicit various vendor bids for their distinctive projects, there are times where a single vendor is asked to take care of all the customer’s mechanical needs.

That was the case here, where requests for help with food service equipment were followed up with calls about problems with the walk-in cooler or the HVAC unit. Instead of dealing with a variety of vendors, this non-profit only needed to call one: Zone Mechanical.

Indeed, when opportunities arise, Zone Mechanical – known as a mechanicals expert – has positioned itself as a “one-stop shop” of sorts, able to handle a wide range of tasks.

This is possible first because Zone Mechanical hires talent with a variety of skill sets and then trains them across multiple disciplines. For example, an employee who is an expert in refrigeration systems will work with one knowledgeable in food service equipment, and vice versa. And those in the trades, primarily the pipe fitters and carpenters, already have at least five years of solid union training under their belts.

Second, Zone Mechanical strongly encourages communication between its employees on the job site, with managers who are always testing their staff’s abilities and probing for strengths and weaknesses.

And, third, manufacturer representatives may also be asked to come out to Zone Mechanical headquarters or job sites for even more training or to talk about new technology and equipment. In turn, these manufacturers will get feedback on products as well as their installation or service.


Whether you run a non-profit, charitable organization or not, companies need to make every penny count. One way is to streamline your business’ processes by using a single, qualified vendor to satisfy various needs. In this case, Zone Mechanical proved to be a perfect fit. And not because the company considers itself a “Jack of all trades.” It just happens to be very good across multiple disciplines. And this gives customers an opportunity to simplify their service calls – and save.

An HVAC guy doesn’t do food service. Doesn’t do carpentry or repairs. Certainly doesn’t do refrigeration. That’s where we have an advantage – we can provide all those services. And the important thing is, we are good at it.

Frank Petrosino

CEO, Zone Mechanical

Healthy food available for distribution
Boxes of food on a pallet at a Chicago non-profit distribution center