Issues? We Have Solutions

Your business has issues. Maybe it’s grown so fast that you now need to expand the capacity of your warehouse. Or at least the warehouse freezer. Maybe you want to know why your food service operation seems to be burning cash on energy. Or could there be a correlation between the spike in consumption and the number of new refrigerant leaks?

These are just a few of the complex customer issues Zone Mechanical’s experienced technicians face on the job. Learn how customers benefit from our unique, creative and often data-driven solutions in the case studies below.

Energy Management

services-maintenance-analysisA national chain of upscale supermarkets needs to recommission the electrical and mechanical systems in more than 20 stores across the midwest so that they may better monitor and control their energy usage.

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Food Service

hp-services-food-service-3A Chicago-based non-profit food distribution and training center needs to find a cost-effective vendor who can take care of all the business’ food service, HVAC, electrical and refrigeration equipment needs.

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Zone Mechanical ventilation equipment atop a Chicago area supermarketA large area shopping center in Lombard, Illinois, needs to reconfigure its entire HVAC system as part of an extensive renovation that includes the addition of a huge, open area food court.

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Walk-in freezers built by Zone Mechanical for an upscale supermarketAn upscale supermarket chain in Bridgeview, Illinois, needs a vendor to design, construct and install all the mechanicals (and obtain all the permits) to build a modern-day grocery store inside a newly purchased property.

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Warehouse CO²

solutions-warehouse-co2-systemA New York-based distributor of ethnic food and spices needs to convert a newly purchased dry storage warehouse in Elk Grove, Illinois, into a strategic warehouse facility using CO2 as the refrigerant.

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Warehouse Non-CO²

A Zone Mechanical warehouse refrigeration construction projectA Chicago-based regional meat wholesaler wants to dramatically expand the existing and available warehouse freezer space to meet the needs of its rapidly growing business — without interruption.

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