A Zone Mechanical technician performs some maintenance at a Chicago supermarket

An experienced Zone Mechanical technician checks equipment at a Chicago area grocery.

Supermarkets, warehouses and retailers rely on the professionals at Zone Mechanical to install and maintain all their energy efficient refrigeration, food service and HVAC equipment and systems.

Our union technicians are trained and cross-trained to service virtually all of the top manufacturer’s equipment, whether it’s a refrigerated supermarket display case from Hillphoenix or an rooftop HVAC system from Trane. Ask us about:

  • Turnkey new construction projects
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Replacement part installation

Service benefits of persistence, retro- and perpetual-commissioning
How do you keep the system running like new? Through system retro-commissioning, persistence and perpetual commissioning. This is where Zone Mechanical takes the original equipment designs, logs any variations that may have occurred a then continuously makes corrections. In this way, a piece of equipment’s optimal settings are made “persistent.” That is, you don’t just fix something once and walk away. Through monitoring and alerts, system corrections get made – immediately. This is yet another way Zone Mechanical customers achieve long-term benefits, by actually reducing the need for service calls and repairs.

Contact us at 708.388.1370 (Illinois) or 262.347.4180 (Wisconsin) for your food service, HVAC or refrigeration equipment installation, service or repair or to request a quote on a new system.