Zone Mechanical food service bakery installation

A typical supermarket bakery installation for a Zone Mechanical food service customer.

Whether it’s for safety, regulatory compliance or quality assurance, Zone Mechanical understands the importance of selecting reliable kitchen equipment for our retail food service customers.

From ice makers to disposals, we install and service all major brands of commercial kitchen equipment, including:

  • Combis, steamers, warmers and holding cabinets
  • Bakery proofers and retarders, plus baking, pizza and convection ovens
  • Ranges, fryers, griddles, char-grills, tilt-braziers and kettles
  • Soup / chicken rotisseries and heated display cases
  • Cooking / heating exhaust systems, plus air balance and makeup air systems
  • Warewashing equipment (e.g. dish and pot washers)
Finely tuned for longer life, maximum efficiency

The condition of your equipment is critical to the safe operation and optimal performance of your kitchen. As part of our service contract, which includes 24/7 emergency repairs, Zone Mechanical technicians go above and beyond routine inspections to also focus on preventative maintenance:

  • Checking gas lines, hoses and shut-offs
  • Descaling steamers
  • Calibrating temperatures and adjusting burners
  • Cleaning draft flue, air shutter and intakes

Contact us at 708.388.1370 (Illinois) or 262.347.4180 (Wisconsin) for a free evaluation of your food service equipment or to request a quote on a service contract or new installation.


Zone Mechanical’s experienced technicians are committed to helping you succeed in all aspects of your food prep and service operations, with the wherewithal to manage kitchen equipment in:

  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Fine dining and fast food restaurants
  • Country clubs and lounges
  • Catering businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Convention centers