Zone Mechanical energy management services

A Zone Mechanical technician closely monitors and analyzes a supermarket’s energy-related data.

Innovation often begets further complexity and, in the commercial refrigeration, food service and HVAC equipment space, this means that the installation and maintenance procedures can be more sophisticated than ever.

Zone Mechanical consultants are in lockstep with new technology, offering cost-effective solutions to increase your equipment’s energy efficiency, extend its life and ensure that it’s eco-friendly.

Our energy management systems, adaptable to new or existing equipment, include:

  • Computer driven temperature control systems (e.g. CPC, Danfoss, NOVAR etc.)
  • Hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCP)
  • Quality control checkpoints, for commissioning or recommissioning systems
  • Communication systems, to verify smooth and consistent operations

Contact us at 708.388.1370 (Illinois) or 262.347.4180 (Wisconsin) for a free evaluation of your HVAC equipment or to request a quote on a service contract or new installation.


As your facility manager, Zone Mechanical is committed to improving your equipment’s durability and operational efficiency. Our proven methodologies can help you:

  • Slash up to 25 percent from energy costs
  • Cut up to 30 percent of maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life by up to 35 percent
  • Minimize system disruptions
  • Avoid unforeseen repairs
  • Reduce your facility’s carbon footprint

We also will keep you informed about energy partnerships, rebates, credits or other beneficial programs that may be offered by utility companies in your area.